Shoda Marine is a Japanese Ship Brokerage Company and consulting service specializing in secondhand COMMERCIAL & FISHING VESSELS,We are proud a highly visible position in both the National and International market.


Commercial Fishing Vessel's

Tuna long line,

75.82 G/T

Ref No:- SIM 001 

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Tuna Long Line,

74.99 G/T

Ref No:- SIM 002

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14 Ton Bottom Trawling

Ref No:- SIM 003

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Purse Seiners


Fish Carriers




Pleasure Fishing Boat's




Cargo Vessel's  



Pacific Star 



 Passenger/Cargo 14.26 Ton


 GRT:199 Ton


Work Boat's    


Pacific Star 







Fishing Hauling Equipment's





KOMATSU MARINE  / Isuzu Marine

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