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Long Line Hydraulic Hauling equipments


Quantity as follows


Photo No                              Item                                      Quantity

01                                            Baiting and Shooting                            01 Nos

02                                            Meg Rope                                                01 Nos

03/04/05                                 Hauling                                                    01 Nos 

06/07/08                                 Handling                                                  01 Nos

-                                               Hydraulic Unit           5.5 Kw                  01 Nos

                                                Total                                                          05 Nos

Please note that the units are in working condition but need service,

The total price for 5 unites are JPY1.700.000Yen


US $  23,000





Long Line Hydraulic Hauling equipments

Baiting and Shooting  




Meg Rope











Hydroalic Unite 

No photos available at the moment