Bottom Long Liner 69 Ton SOLD
Vessel Name: Shin Maru
Type:      Bottom Long Liner (Golden Eye Snapper)
Hull:      FRP
GRT:       69 G/T
Registered LBD: L 23.30M x B4.88M x D 2.10M
LOA:       29.40M
Built:     July 2004
Builder:   Yamaguchi Ship Builder
Class:     JG ( 100 Miles from Coastal)
Crew:      10 Person
Speed:     12.4 Knots
Main Engine: Yanmar M200-ST2 770Hp @ 880Rpm
Aux Engine:  Yanmar 4CHLN-N 50Hp @ 1800Rpm  with 40 KVA Generator
Generator:   80 KVA Main Engine Driven
Refrigerator: Mitsubishi 3HP (2.3KW) equipped for 4~6 Fish hold (+-0 ℃)
Hydraulic:   Main Engine Driven 120L/M 100Kg/CM2
Other: Radio, Auto Pilot, GPS, Fish Finder, Radar and Etc
Fishing Gear: Hydraulic Line Hauler

Inspection: Shizuoka Prefecture 

Price: ASK
Delivery: Prompt